Events and Social

Every weekend night the sounds of conversations and laughter can be heard along with the smells of dinner on the grill, as new found friends build memories together.

Please see calendar below for our yearly events. In addition, we will also be having weekly occurrences located in our newly renovated Pavilion and Terrace:

Wednesdays: Movie Night
Fridays:  Coffee Hour on the Porch and later on Socializing at the Pavilion.
Saturdays: Dance with DJ or Band.

More details on each will be posted soon!

Closed the Months of November through April

Looking to unwind and get away from it all? Get together with others at one of the legendary Sun Ridge Events! 

Weekly & and daily events

-Saturday night dance
-Camp bonfires
-Pub night friday
-Pool side socials
-Skinny dipping
-Potluck dinners
-Coffee socials
   (on the porch)
-ping pong
-TABLE games

Don't see what you're looking for?

Contact us and host an event!